Let the games be-gin!

It’s good to talk!

Tony Vance and director Nic Legg had a chat with Luke Wheadon about all things Guernsey FC…

No stranger to running innovative businesses, Luke was intrigued by what he heard, and particularly the significant running costs of the club. He was keen to play his part in helping us however he could…

As a result Luke’s new company, The Channel Islands Liquor Co., became Nic’s sponsor, as you’ll see from the Social Corner, where fans now have the opportunity to win a free bottle of artisan gin for our favourite social media post each month.

Always driven to exceed expectations, Luke had a further suggestion… and that’s how the concept was born of co-creating our own unique gin – The GFC Blend – with  profits from each bottle donated to Guernsey FC. 

Luke explains, “The football club is a such an important part of the community, and it’s a monumental effort for it to continue as it does. We wanted to get involved to help Guernsey FC produce a product so they could raise more money to allow the football club to continue their fantastic work.

“It was important to create a blend that fits within the family of Wheadon’s Gins. All of my gins are completely different, and so we set out to create something unique. “This blend is all about representing Guernsey: it has Guernsey-grown lime, Guernsey-grown lemongrass, foraged yarrow flower and rock samphire. If you like the style of gins I make - the citrus element, very easy drinking, very moreish – then I think you’ll love this.    

“The idea was to produce a blend to be enjoyed by everybody, so I hope it’s a very approachable, drinkable and moreish gin.”

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Luke in creating The GFC Blend,” said Nic Legg “We’re extremely grateful to him and delighted with the results. As someone who enjoys their gin, I have to say I feel The GFC Blend is destined to be a league leader!”

You can purchase your own bottle[s!] from St Pierre Park Terrace Bar or Bella Luce.

A donation of the profits from each bottle will go to Guernsey Football Club