For two consecutive years our annual food bank has been record-breaking. We’re once again asking our supporters to help those in need in our community this Christmas by bringing items of non-perishable food to our next home game on Saturday, 27th November. 

Treats, such as Christmas puddings and mince pies, can bring much joy. Just a gentle reminder to check the use-by date, and please no alcohol.

Parcels will be made from these donations and handed out to islanders in need before Christmas. We would be ever so grateful if fans could bring an item or two. It’s a small gesture that will make a big difference to many local families this Christmas.

It’s very easy not to be aware of how difficult some local families find it to afford any kind of special things at Christmas, but certainly the response from islanders is always very generous.

These hampers really do generate a lot of happiness and gratitude among the recipients. Our fan base have always responded to our call for food bank donations in a fantastic way, and we very much hope you will help again this year to bring Christmas cheer to homes which would otherwise struggle to feel that magical festive joy.