Last week before training, our medical team took an AED awareness course provided by Heather Langlois from St John Training Services Guernsey.

As we recently reported, the club was kindly donated a defibrillator by La Fraternelle, Foresters Healthcare and Orion Insurance Management.

You may remember that during pre-season, Heather trained the players and coaches with the skills required in a cardiac emergency. Our medical team were keen to refresh its skills too, making sure it is prepared for every eventuality on and off the pitch.

"Once again the Club is very grateful to St John Training Services for ensuring our medical team is confident and well equipped to deal with an incident," said GFC director Nic Legg. "We will soon be extending the training to our stewards to further ensure that spectators are in good hands if the worst were to happen.

"I took part in the training and would encourage other sporting clubs to consider doing the same. The skills we learnt are very simple but could literally save someone's life.

"This training is an important extension of our preparedness here at Guernsey FC. We all saw how crucial a fast response is in this kind of emergency situation, both with Christian Eriksen during the Euros, and more recently at St James' Park. If the worst did happen during a match, it's great to know that many of our volunteers will know what to do to ensure the best possible outcome." 

If you want to learn CPR and other first aid skills, visit