Midfielder Kieran Mahon has been playing like a dream so far this season. We caught up with him at training last week to find out what has put the fire in his boots. Over to you, Kez!

We’re five games in now, and I think we’ve done pretty well to be honest. I’d say that we’ve let a few games slip at the end, and really, we should be on 12 points, but I reckon if we carry on with what we’re doing and the way we’re doing it, we’ll keep getting points.

We had a late start to our season, so I feel our fitness levels as a squad are still building at the moment. There’s maybe half of us that are sort of getting to where we want to be, but I think we just need to keep training hard and working on our shape and our fitness.

I’m really enjoying my football right now. I feel like I’ve got a good balance at the moment in my life, both on and off the pitch. My training at the gym is going well, and I reckon I’ve probably lost a little bit of bulk recently, which means I’m a bit lighter to get round the pitch a bit quicker.

Although I’ve been involved with Guernsey FC pretty much since the start, I have had a lot of injuries, so it’s great that I’m finally approaching 150 appearances for the club. You asked me what my highlights have been so far and getting all the promotions that I’ve played in is an obvious one. I also really liked the Sittingbourne game where we had to get a point to stay up, when me and Paris came off the bench and scored to make that happen. I thought that was definitely a good moment in my GFC career.

People are noticing and commenting that there’s a bit more fight to us this year. We’ve got a bit more aggressive on the pitch. Vancey’s drilled that approach into us this year, you know, like hunting in

packs. What that means, for example, is when the ball pops out, we aim to make sure there’s another one of us there to pick it up and carry on the counterattack.

If you look at Tom Dodds, he’s a very quiet lad off the pitch, but on the pitch he’s the first to back me up if we need a bit of aggression. I find that me and Doddsy are always close together ganging up on people and pressing them hard. He’s probably the best person for the holding job, to break up play and get things ticking again.

I get to play alongside my brother Liam in the team, which is something I enjoy - I think every brother would. I’d say he’s doing well, he’s pushing on again and getting fit, so I think there’s a lot more to come from ‘Leroy’!

I saw the stat recently about how me and Liam have got 250 appearances together collectively, and that’s shocked me a bit to be honest, but in a good way. Bearing in mind I’ve had a lot of injuries over my GFC career and Liam’s had a few as well, so that’s a pretty impressive stat to be honest.

One stat I’m not so keen on, to put it mildly, is being given an own goal for last weekend. It definitely wasn’t mine; I’ve been conned with that one!